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HIGHLIGHTED PROGRAM: Communication Competence For Introverted Professionals

We have taken our extensive coaching experience working within diverse international organizations addressing the issues surrounding interpersonal communication in the workplace and created a workshop that will enable you to elevate your communication and presentation competencies to the next level.

Further you will strengthen your professional and personal relationships as you gain insights into your own preferences and communication style and learn how to interact more effectively with others.

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Annette Freund MBA

Annette Freund, Inspirational Leadership Coach, Team Development Facilitator, Innermetrix (IMX) Consultant - Works Globally in German and English
Quotes From Annette:

“What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

“With strong individuals you can develop reforming teams and transforming organizations, which solve the challenges of our times and create meaningful innovations for their customers.”
~ Annette Freund

Coaching Background

Annette Freund has over 20 years of experience in the Health Sector, over 15 years in Marketing and Competitive Intelligence and 10 years in executive, leadership and business coaching.

Her passion is to lead people from inspiration to implementation of new ideas and insights and thus to develop strong individuals, reforming teams and transforming organizations.

Annette’s key areas of focus include:

  • Design and facilitation of customer tailored workshops, e.g. for team-developments, vision and innovation
  • Inspirational leadership; performance coaching/ manager as a coach
  • Career decisions; professional calling

Annette is a Pharmacist with MBA and Systemic Business Coach and therefore she understands herself as a bridge-builder between different ways of thinking. She is also a Certified Innermetrix Consultant™  (CIC).

Annette has over 20 years of experience in the Health Sector, over 15 years in Marketing and Competitive Intelligence and 10 years in executive, leadership and business coaching.

  • Founder and Managing Director of FREUND INSPIRED MOVE – Consulting, Training, Coaching – working with clients in companies as AbbVie, Amgen, B.Braun, Greenpeace, Monvia, Pöyry, Roche, Takeda, Vertex and more (since 2013)

  • Lecturer at Steinbeis University Stuttgart for “Leadership & Organizational Behavior” (since 2015)

  • Operative and strategic Marketing, Competitive Intelligence and Training at Amgen Switzerland and Amgen International (2007-2013)

  • National and international Marketing as well as Project Lead at Weleda AG (2001-2007)

  • National and international Marketing as well as Training at Alcon Pharma (1999-2001)

  • Lecturer at FH BraunschweigWolfenbüttel for „Marketing Concepts“ (1998)

  • Pharmacist and Managing Director at different pharmacies (1994-1998)

Unique threefold combination business, pharmacy and coaching:

  • Systemic Business Coach (SHB), Kröber Kommunikation Stuttgart, D
  • Master of Pharmaceutical Economic Sciences/ MBA, TU Braunschweig, D
  • Pharmacist, Christian-Albrechts University Kiel, D

Divers trainings enrich Annette’s “toolbox”:

  • Certified Innermetrix Consultant™ (CIC)
  • Various business trainings in Leadership, Teambuilding and Communication
  • Divers holistic Coaching trainings and methods

Strong Individuals! Reforming Teams! Transforming Organizations!

We live in times of strong changes and increasing complexity in the business world.
These new challenges concern our organizations, our teams and every one of us. It makes sense to transition to a “new normal”, rather than sticking to old paradigms.

Strong Individuals follow their vision based on meaningful values with high self-efficacy and the ability to highly contribute to reforming teams.

Reforming Teams go beyond performing teams. They interact with other teams in flexible and creative ways and find new solutions on higher levels.

Transforming Organizations use those new solutions for meaningful innovation, which serve their customers.

Thus Annette understands individuals, teams and organizations as holistically integrated, systemically cross-linked and vitally evolving.

From Inspiration to Implementation!


Annette loves to work with the inner fire of her clients.

The logical-analytical solutions offered by the mind get connected with intuitively, inspirationally and visionary created solutions.  Thereby we gain new solutions on a higher level.


  • Early stage experiences are made in order to reinforce the actual implementation and new creations.
  • Precise action plans and clear next steps are defined.
  • Agreed follow-ups help to control the results: celebrate the successes, learn from what didn’t work, correct and move on to the next step!

Annette is originally from Northern Germany and lives and works in Switzerland since 2007, based in Zurich. She has been working nationally, European and internationally.

She loves nature and enjoys outdoor activities and sports. She is enthusiastic about other cultures, holistic self-development as well as yoga and meditation practice.

„Together with Ms. Annette Freund we successfully prepared for our product launch in a highly competitive environment. Her well thought-through preparation, her motivating facilitation and her structured professionality enabled us to make the right strategic decisions.”
Commercial Director Hepatology, AbbVie
„…, Annette supported our team in raising and addressing the topic of Biosimilars as a key topic, through 2 very constructive and interactive workshops, helping the teams from different functions to work together on this topic. She helped a lot to define the environment and our challenges. She was particularly key to find data from the market. The deliverables were very helpful: getting a multifunctional and organized road map, allocating the right priorities and resources to the right projects. What I really liked is that Annette provided us with a lot of input before, during, and after the workshops to keep the right momentum within our team on that project.”
Commercial Director Immunology, AbbVie
“Annette supported us in a major Stress Test activity in preparation of Biosimilar launches in our market. The project included the preparation of 4 competitive decks, tailored to the Swiss situation, designing the workshop, leading the team through the day, and finally delivering us a very useful summary from where we could implement our tactical plans. I always enjoy collaborating with Annette as she is a very active listener adding value to each discussion and development of projects.”
Medical Director, Member of the Biosimilar Taskforce, AbbVie
“Ms. Freund has a high capability of cross-country and cross-functional integration and gives international teams orientation and leadership at the same time, both was crucial for the successful execution of the world-wide projects“
Member of Board of Directors , Weleda Group
“Thank you very much indeed for the excellent preparation and conduction of the Team WS – the team really liked it. With your support our team moved a significant step forward – for sure. As a follow-up we developed a value poster, which will be placed in our new meeting room.”
Country Manager, Vertex
“We engaged Annette as facilitator and coach for our newly mixed team. In an outstanding and efficient collaboration we created an agenda for a challenging day: The goals were to stabilize the team’s communication, to better define the purpose of the team and to truly live the values. One part of the Workshop we spent on the anlysis of the INNERMETRIX results. The effect of this assessment in a team is for me always astonishing again, positive and sustainable: Annette encouraged the understanding for the needs of the counterpart by leading the team in a prudent way. We finished the day with a lot of implementable ideas and Annette brought the team a step further on the way from a highly engaged team to a highly efficient team.”
CEO, Gesundheitswesen
”My happiness is infinite. I have a new job. The conversations with you were very impactful for me – personally and professionally, and in addition they were a lot of fun. Sincere thanks for everything indeed!“
Annette Freund was a valuable support for the development of a novel concept in the area of advanced medical training of (XY-) carcinoma. The motivating facilitation of the workshop encouraged (the team to come up with) creative ideas. Necessary action items were defined, so that new approaches were established, which prove to be very successful today.”
Brand Lead Oncology, Roche
“… the excellent stress test you developed and facilitated for (XYZ Brand) in oncology. In a period of time which was very busy for the brand team, you strived for a successful stress test. Furthermore, the execution was impeccable and feedback from participants and experts were excellent. Thank you for your support and help!”
Marketing Director Oncology, Amgen, Zug
“Annette helped our very skilled, highly effective and demanding team, navigate a
challenging workshop to establish our internal project management processes. She also helped us establish a new understanding of how best to maximize our internal and external interactions with customers based on analyses of different personality types. This was a great value add and a contributor to our team’s success in the short and long run.”
Head of Business Operations and Implementation, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Zurich
“I’m astonished about INNERMETRIX: In the view of the simple appearing questions, I wouldn’t have expected such profound insights. Thereby the highly professional, sensitive and at the same time inspiring telephone coaching was essential. E.g. the advice on ‘effective communication’ hit exactly the mark.”
“For a long time I have been looking for the leak, which absorbs my energy. The INNERMETIX assessment fascinated me. The result is very clear and fits exactly to my situation. The proximate coaching with Annette revealed, that I can build a bridge between my two strong inner parts, which I perceived as contradictory until now: Fascination & creativity and my need for facts & insights. This relieves and enriches my life tremendously. Especially in my new role as psycho-social coach I can fully use my potential now and live and love that. THANK YOU Annette!”
Psycho-social Coach and Director , Pharma
”… I’m now very happy with my new job! Since December I’m now here in Hamburg. Many wishes/values, which we developed together, become true now. I’m still very glad and thankful that I did the Coaching with you; I have a very good feeling for my way forward and the next steps. Even, if not everything is clearly defined yet, I have my vision in my head – and the poster in front of me :-). Thanks a lot again for your great work.“
IT Specialist , Greenpeace
”I must tell you that my professional life has developed in a fantastic way and I gained lots of new perspectives, especially through your coaching! I like my (new) position incredibly well, but I’m even looking forward to the next step – what I would never had allowed myself to dream of in former times… A fantastic feeling! Therefore, I would like to thank you again cordially.“
Clinical Research Specialist