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HIGHLIGHTED PROGRAM: Communication Competence For Introverted Professionals

We have taken our extensive coaching experience working within diverse international organizations addressing the issues surrounding interpersonal communication in the workplace and created a workshop that will enable you to elevate your communication and presentation competencies to the next level.

Further you will strengthen your professional and personal relationships as you gain insights into your own preferences and communication style and learn how to interact more effectively with others.

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Roland Greppmair

German, living in Germany works in Europe
German, living in Germany works in Europe
Quotes From Roland:

“Your truth can only be discovered in you and through you“

“Deine Wahrheit kann nur in Dir und durch Dich entdeckt werden“

“Good Leadership is a service to the people who are really adding value to a company“

“Gute Führung ist der Dienst an den Menschen, die wirklich wertschöpfend im Unternehmen sind”

Coaching Background

Roland Greppmair’s has worked as an independent coach, consultant and trainer for private clients and companies since 2011. His experience of more than 15 years of global responsibilities in matrix organizations within the automotive industry has given Roland a solid foundation to understand the needs of leaders, teams and organizations.

Roland’s background is in mechanical and industrial engineering, he also has experience living abroad (USA,Argentina) and has over 15 years experience in management positions in the automotive supplier industry. He has worked as an independent coach, consultant and trainer for private clients and companies since 2011. His experience of more than 15 years of global responsibilities in matrix organizations within the automotive industry has given Roland a solid foundation to understand the needs of leaders, teams and organizations.

His years working for multinational automotive supply organizations, combined with profound Know-How in people and organizational development make him a valuable partner for coaching & consulting clients around the world.

  • Cultural Change (i.e. Change of generations, etc.)
  • Healthy Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Burnout – Prevention & Integration
  • Placement & Recruiting
  • Single– and Group Coaching
  • Mediation
  • Studies in mechanical and industrial engineering
  • Education as a psychological adviser in coaching, mediation and supervision
  • Certified Consultant of the 9-Levels Value Institute
  • Partner of the Burnout-Network – Germany

The goal of my work is to accompany people, teams and companies in such a way that they find answers to the root cause of their crisis situations on their own.
This change of consciousness towards sense and value orientation releases plenty of energy. It motivates individuals, teams and companies being healthier and more successful.

“What we think subconsciously – our values, dogmas, inner beliefs – is what creates and drives our life’s“.

Therefore, Roland discloses with his clients these subconscious programs in order to give them a more favorable meaning. This goes along with uncovering the client’s true potential and mission in their life.

Once people are aware of their own value structure it empowers them to better communicate. This is incredible beneficial for team work and leadership.

Roland uses the 9Levels-Values-System developed by Prof. Graves as an excellent landscape to work with people, teams and organizations.

Roland lives with his wife and 4 year old daughter outside of Munich in the precious „5-Lake-Region“.

In summer he is passionate about waking up early and go meditating and stand-up paddling at the close lakes.

He loves reading inspiring books, developing his one personality and spends quite a lot time in the nature with his family and friends.

For me it was impossible to discover my vision in life.
After some sessions with Roland everything was clear to me.
The meetings were characterized by trust, honesty and understanding.
Thanks! Now I know the direction of my journey
Marion, HomeStoreConcepts
“Meine „Berufung“ zu ergründen und zu benennen war mir unmöglich.
Nach einigen wenigen Treffen mit Roland war jedoch alles klar. …..Die Coaching Termine waren von Vertrauen, Ehrlichkeit und Verständnis geprägt. Danke !
Jetzt weiß ich wohin die „Reise“ geht”
Marion, HomeStoreConcepts
“Many thanks for the first and impressive coaching session with you!
The way you coach has been very enriching. You are competent and you have a calming and sunshiny charisma.
Your thoughtful and specific questions have lead to consider my person and way of thinking from a very new perspective.
This made me immediately stronger inside and capable of acting.”
Alexandra, Private Client
“Vielen Dank für das erste und beeindruckende Coaching-Gespräch mit dir! Deine Art zu coachen ist für mich sehr bereichernd, da du kompetent bist und eine absolut beruhigende und sonnige Ausstrahlung hast.
Deine bedachte und gezielte Fragestellungen haben dazu geführt, meine Person und Denkweise aus einer ganz neuen Perspektive zu betrachten. Das hat mich gleich innerlich stärker und handlungsfähiger gemacht“
Alexandra, Privatkunden