Written by Forbes Coaches Council

Having an executive coach to help your professional career move forward makes perfect sense in today’s marketplace. Having someone who will push you and hold you accountable can make you strive for success and never become complacent.

However, as you look towards the future, the world of executive coaching may take on a new shape. There may be more automation or a stronger focus on mental status or the psychology aspect of your career. As the executive coaching industry continues to grow, so does the number of ways in which this niche is going to change in the not-so-distant future.

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1. Rise of The Automated Coach

2. Intersection of Industry Skills and Coaching Methodology

3. Increasing Regulation Will Define Different Coaching Types

4. Coaching Will Overtake Consulting

5. Ability to Demonstrate Measurable Results

6. Greater Acceptance by Executives

7. Experience Coaching Will Gain Prominence

8. Increased Focus on Positive Psychology

9. Laser-Sharp Focus on Interpersonal Skills

10. Content Over Process

11. Relationships, Results, And Rewards

12. Working with A Coach Will Be Norm

13. Digitalization of Coaching

14. Specialization Will Take Over

15. Executive Coaching Not Just for The Elite