Ann-Marie Purvis MBA

Australian, lives in Switzerland - Works in Zug
Australian, lives in Switzerland - Works in ZugSenior OD and Change Management Consultant

Coaching Background

Ann-Marie has over 20 experience as a Transformation and Development Executive which adds great depth to her 18 years experience as an executive coach. Ann-Marie has designed and delivered leadership development and executive coaching programs within a diverse range of matrix based global organisations and diverse industry sectors at Board level to operational teams.

Her core areas of passion and focus include coaching, change management, high performance teams and design and delivery of leadership programs.

Ann-Marie holds multiple qualifications including an MBA, Grad Dip Mgmt, MBTI® Step l and ll, Debono Tools for Parallel Thinking®, Belbin team roles, Thomas (DISC®) and other instruments.

Ann-Marie specialises in working with

  • Individuals seeking to find or rediscover their passion and joy in life and work
  • Executives and Managers leading change initiatives – wanting their organisations to thrive not just survive the process!
  • SME Business owners seeking to grow their organisations
  • Performance Coaching
  • Leadership Programs
  • Organizational Transformation programs
  • Change Management
  • High Performance Teams
  • Self Knowledge and empowerment through MBTI®
  • Facilitation
  • Master of Business Administration – Organisational Transformation and global Business – Adelaide University
  • Graduate Diploma Management – organisational change and Business Re-engineering – Adelaide University
  • Bachelor of Education – Chemistry, Computer Science – University of South Australia
  • Performance Coaching for Managers ® – Sydney University
  • Multiple tools including: MBTI ® Step I and ll, Debono Tools for Parallel Thinking®, Belbin Team roles® and others

“People don’t believe what you tell them.
They rarely believe what you show them.
They often believe what their friends tell them.
They always believe what they tell themselves.”
― Seth Godin

“Perhaps your challenge isn’t finding a better project or a better boss. Perhaps you need to get in touch with what it means to feel passionate. People with passion look for ways to make things happen.”
― Seth Godin

Ann-Marie seeks to partner with individuals and teams to help them reignite their passion, discover their knowledge of self and find a way forward to their challenges.

Ann-Marie seeks to partner with individuals and teams to help them reignite their passion, discover their knowledge of self and find a way forward to their challenges.

Ann-Marie is originally from Australia and is still amazed and delighted she has lived in Zug, Switzerland for the past 2 years. She enjoys traveling with her husband, skiing, hiking, jazz and blues music and water sports.

Being with friends in the great outdoors is the best therapy you will ever have..

References Coaching:

Ann-Marie Purvis has been an invaluable part of my leadership and personal development. Ann-Marie has the ability to get you to confront and address your fears in a safe environment that when worked through provide you with the greatest sense of achievement more so than any other coaching program.
Amanda Sheedy , Business Improvement Program Manager, SA Water.
Ann-Marie’s executive coaching sessions were an excellent source of information and expertise, provided in an environment where I felt comfortable to openly discuss issues and test ideas.
Paul Rucioch , Manager Shared Services, SA Water
Ann-Marie delivered complex change management leadership and guidance which led to and enabled a significant and positive step change to a somewhat stagnant business unit.
Additional to this outcome was Ann-Maries individual coaching of senior and middle management team members which identified opportunity and also provided method for personal improvement which would underpin the step change and make it stick.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ann-Marie, she has a genuine warmth which allows inter-personal relationships to easily and quickly develop
Alan Werndly , Qld and NT Facility Manager at Transfield Services
Ann-Marie was engaged to provide insight, coaching and strategic leadership to assist the BT Financial Group (Business Analysis and User Acceptance Testing Teams) newly formed Centre of Excellence (CoE). The aim was to bring our management team together, to challenge us on what it takes for a CoE to be high performing. It was a pleasure to work with Ann-Marie as she pushed us individually and as a team; never afraid to raise the elephant in the room.
Matthew Vink, National Manager User Acceptance Testing (UAT) at BT Financial Group
Ann-Marie’s executive coaching opened my eyes to how others see me and how I can add value to them at work.
Mark De Ritter, Manager Accounts Receivable/Payable, Department for Environment and Heritage.
Excellent Executive Coaching and up-skilling training with valuable tools and awareness raising. Wish I had done this earlier!
John Collins, HR Manager, Department for Environment and Heritage.
Ann-Marie has provided outstanding executive coaching, team development workshops and activities which played a key role in facilitating significant improvements to our group. All sessions use a clear evidence based approach and are delivered in a highly professional and engaging manner. I can highly recommend Ann-Marie Purvis for organisations seeking serious improvements in their teams.
David Edwards , Manager, QUIT SA
Ann-Marie’s Executive Coaching was outstanding and very effective. Ann-Marie has deep knowledge of people and how they operate, this knowledge translated to excellent results with the team building she provided for my organisation. Ann-Marie is results driven and understands the needs of government. She can handle the most difficult of people and always have a smile on her face.
Mary Reiger, Senior Manager, Innovation

References Training and Consulting:

A thoroughly educational and entertaining training and development program that I can recommend to all those involved in managing change.
John Lewkowicz, Manager HR Services, Department for Environment and Heritage.
Energetic presenter who ruthlessly focused on getting session results – but in a fun way. Very knowledgeable.
Rob Denton-Brown , Chief Finance Officer, Department for Environment and Heritage.
I had the pleasure of working with Ann-Marie in preparing the Transfield Services Rail business for a major reorganisation and transformation. Ann-Marie’s understanding of the complexity of issues as well as persistence in following through to completion was integral in the success of the change. Ann-Marie provides an understanding of both the corporate issues and the deep cultural issues related to organisation change and I have no hesitation recommending her for future assignments
Justin Cairns, State Manager - NSW at Comdain Infrastructure
Ann-Marie lead the On Track change process in Transfield Services Rail division, leading the change from a contract to functional structure. This was a significant change management task, with Ann-Marie providing focus and direction to the new management team to effectively implement the change.
Jonathan Teubner, Manager, Economic Regulatory Development at ARTC
Ann-Marie established the change management framework for a large transformation project replacing a legacy merchandising system. First impressions confirmed her ability to establish relationships and communicate her vision. As the engagement progressed, she demonstrated a pragmatic approach to her work. Ann-Marie’s skills and experience in corporate communications were excellent.
Wolf Engel, ICT Project Manager, SA Health
Ann-Marie assisted me with successful change management. She took the time to understand my current requirements and long term vision. Through the process she provided excellent advice and supported us through all the stages of change. Ann-Marie is knowledgeable, personable and adapts her style very well to suit her audience. Ann-Marie later continued to provide a soft skills, team bonding / training session as part of our annual planning day, something which everyone looked forward to and invariably lifted the team energy levels even more. I highly recommend Ann-Marie and would be pleased to work with her at any time
Mohua Mukherjee , Risk advisory, governance, assurance Manager, SA Audit
Ann-Marie brings great passion and enthusiasm to her work as well as a deep understanding of her subject matter. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to companies seeking organisational development advisory services.
Peter Wilkinson, Business Advisory to Transportation, Construction and Professional Services, Transfield Rail
Ann-Marie is true professional in her field. With extensive knowledge of and experience in business and change management she provides a clear path to clients facing complicated issues. Her solid and practical methodologies provide confidence that the end result will be achieved across the life of the project. Ann-Marie is always full of positive energy and an excellent communicator and her dedication and reliability were unwavering for the entire time (1 year contract) she was working with me. I would not hesitate to recommend Ann-Marie and her team to anyone in need of the services she provides.
Karen Wlasichuk, Senior Program Management and Business Process Professional at Bigcommerce