Charities and Events We Support

At Tall Trees we are honored to support the following charitable organizations and events – giving back is an important part of our company mission.

2015 – Now: Krissy Zimmermann, Pro-bono Coach at Venture

2014: Donor – Special Olympics Switzerland

2007 – Now: Lender at Kiva

2006 – Now: Lender at Heifer

2006 – Now: Supporter of Ashoka

We also recommend Mercy Ships

These days more and more people are becoming jaded when it comes to giving to charities. We want to do good but we hear so many horror stories of money not reaching the desired recipients, that we are reluctant to give.

If you are interested in supporting a charitable organization but want to know that your money is being well distributed, check out the following charity checker link to learn about the infrastructure and good standing or your chosen charity.

Charity Navigator – Your Guide to Intelligent Giving