Tall Trees Coaching Services

At Tall Trees, we use a combination of professional leadership coaching, team coaching, consulting, and training to assist personal and professional development for leaders and their teams. Our approach to this work supports both individuals and teams to focus on solutions and results by supplying the tools necessary to develop self-awareness, learn new skill sets, and refine existing skills.

Unlike stand-along training, which often leaves the learner on their own to implement newly gained knowledge, this combination by the very nature of its delivery supports lasting, self directed behavioral change, transformation and growth.

The Tall Trees Coaching method enables individuals and teams to work with a focus on their defined areas of growth and development. Sessions are tailored to suit specific needs, address blind spots, and support leadership development in alignment with personal and/or organizational targets. In short, Tall Trees Coaching is about permanent enhancement of performance, not about remedial intervention.

We know Leadership Development is important to you and a website is too generic to give you the answers to your individual questions, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to meet and discuss your specific requirements and how we can best contribute to your success.
We have executive coaches available in Zug, Zurich, Luzern, Geneva Bern, and Basel, Switzerland, and provide the following services:
  • Leadership or Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Development Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Training Seminars and Workshops
  • Psychometric Assessments

The Tall Trees Coaching Methodology

The Tall Trees professional coaching methodology is suitable for all forms of coaching engagements. From leadership development or team building to career coaching or business coaching. Our systematic process focuses on solutions and results, to achieve personal and professional growth, engaging clients to develop deeper self-awareness, refine current skill-sets, and to fill in the gaps in their existing knowledge base.

We work with clients to set strategic intentions and develop action plans while keeping them accountable for the execution of goals. An important part of the work is to evaluate outcomes and to be able to modify goals and plans if necessary, thus achieving a high level of self-awareness and continuing success.

Strategic & Individual Review and Analysis: Leadership Coaching begins with a comprehensive needs analysis using a range of analysis tools to determine current strengths and areas for development, these include items from the following, to evaluate the individual strategic development requirements of client/coachee as agreed with client and management or HR.

    • Meetings with managers and direct reports as deemed appropriate
    • Insights Discovery Evaluator
    • 360° Reach Analysis
    • 5 Interviews
    • Confidential Surveys
Set Strategic Intentions: Uncover strategic intentions and specific outcomes. Timeline and evaluation points are developed and agreed.

Develop Action Plans: Using the diagnostic analysis from the previous step, the coach (manager) and client/coachee underpin goal setting via an agreed-upon action plan.

We use the GROW Coaching Model this helps to identify specific areas for development as well as encouraging the client and holding them accountable. Goals are broken down into actionable steps and a plan for the next stages developed.

GROW Coaching Model

  • Goals
  • Reality
  • Options
  • Way Forward

1. Guided Self Discovery – Understanding Self, understanding others – the power of perception, that of self and others identified by using profile evaluators and 360° Communication tools.

2. Coaching Sessions incorporate accountability, role-playing, problem-solving, interactive and fee exploration, active learning, and modeling.

3 Coaching power tools are integrated into every coaching session:
– Commitment vs Trying
– Responsibility vs Blame
– Trust vs Doubt
– Action vs Delay
– Respect vs Invalidation
– Lightness vs Significance
– Truth vs Fraud
– Responding vs Reacting
– Re-framing Perspectives

Evaluate: Throughout the executive coaching program there are inbuilt mechanisms to evaluate progress and modify strategic intentions and desired outcomes where necessary as well as a 3 monthly check-in meeting.

Celebrate Success: Formally acknowledge, confirm celebration of individual successes – reinforcing behavioral change.

Cycle Begins Again: Revisit Strategic Intentions to check action plan, while still encompassing all needed actions in the appropriate order.