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Where understanding Personality Diversity meets High Performance

E-Colors, a transformational personality diversity tool used all over the world which individuals love, and teams experience immediate results.

Krissy Zimmermann Certified E-Colors Practitioner

Why Choose E-Colors for you and your team?

As people living in social environments, we encounter different personality styles in our day-to-day interactions. How you interact with, communicate with and influence others determines your level of success and satisfaction in life. Understanding the E-Colors allows you to be intentional about your interactions and deliberately plan the positive outcomes you want to achieve both individually and within a team environment.

The E-Colors process helps to identify different personality styles, which enables people to better understand themselves and others. It leads to a heightened awareness that we do not all think and act the same and that we all have distinct communication styles and behavioural tendencies. The understanding of the richness of personality diversity and the management of our tendencies through an intentional approach, are basic principles that enhance individual and organizational performance.

How we help you integrate E-Colors in your organization and teams

As experienced and licensed practitioners of the E-Colors we help your team to start to benefit from integrating this great tool through:

1.  Team Workshops

The E-Colors team workshop is an experiential learning session. Participants acquire an understanding of personality diversity and engage in an interactive discussion to develop practical applications of this knowledge. Focus is placed on addressing specific business challenges, elevating leadership performance and driving business results around communication, teamwork and leadership. Participants will leave this workshop energized with a heightened awareness of self and team through knowledge of the E-Colors. Combining this knowledge with Intentionality techniques, they will be able to leverage team diversity, reduce misunderstandings and friction, and elevate levels of trust, commitment and accountability. The workshop length is flexible depending on the team needs and can vary from half a day to two days. It can be facilitated virtually or in person.

Team Workshop Objectives

  • Learn about the basics of the Intentionality approach and how the E-Colors can help you and your team realize your potential. Access tools that help you improve daily communication immediately
  • Understand Personal Intervention, a tool to manage individual behavior to make the right choices, enhancing deliberate actions and leadership
    Experience a new perspective on self and team awareness as it relates to removing barriers to achieve high performance Understand the next steps to take to implement the E-Colors and Personal Intervention to start generating the desired organizational benefits
  • Have fun learning about different personality styles
Equilibria E-Colors Brain Circle

2.  Individual E-Colors Coaching

Our professional E-Colors coaching will provide you with an excellent opportunity to be more conscious of your thoughts, words, actions and emotions and make better choices to get better results. In this 2-hour coaching session where we will debrief your personalized E-Colors report you will learn how to identify different personality styles, enabling you to better understand yourself and those around you. Knowledge of the E-Colors process leads to a heightened awareness of different thinking, communication and leadership styles as well as highlighting why people behave differently in any environment. You can become more effective at self-management and application of your E-Colors knowledge to be more intentional in the way you act and interact immediately.

3.  Follow-up through Ongoing Team Coaching

Customized to your team needs delivered by our highly skilled coaches. We will be there to help you apply and implement your team’s E-Colors knowledge to make a significant positive impact within your team and business.

Interesting Facts

Personality assessment tools in high demand

The E-Colors and Personal Intervention are high-impact tools that are sought after by individuals, families, leaders and companies (large and small) to improve their self and team awareness, communication, performance and more. Every year hundreds of thousands of people discover their E-Colors and transform their lives.

Proven approach and technology

The tools you will access have been helping individuals and teams achieve their full potential for over 15 years. They have been integrated with organizations of all sizes, from global implementation with Fortune 10 companies to small teams, school districts, and families all over the world.

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