Are you frustrated with employees who seem to be more “It’s all about me” than “How can I help my employer?”

…here’s what I’ve found. There are seven major reasons why employees stop caring, why they go from being an excited new hire into what Gallup describes as a ROAD Warrior — Retired on Active Duty. See how many in the following list ring true for your organization and you will have important clues as to why you’re people are “just not that into you.”

7 reasons your employees are not that into you

1. Employees don’t know what game they’re in, how it’s played, and what the stakes are. The majority of employees don’t understand their employer’s vision, business goals, strategy, brand promise, key initiatives, and marketplace realities, according to a survey of 23,000 employees conducted by Harris Interactive. Their research revealed that only 37 percent of employees understood what their employer was trying to achieve and why…

Published by TLNT
by David Lee