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TOOLS – Underpinning the Learning Process

There are many tools that help participants develop a clear understanding of preferences and communication styles. We have chosen to use Insights Discovery® for this seminar as we have found that it provides the most profound and easy to understand results and contributes to a fun and interactive day.

Insights® Discovery programs are specifically designed to meet the everyday challenges in today’s ever changing business environment. The reason that Insights Discovery is the first choice of so many international organisations around the world today is that the people development solutions are easy to understand and can be put into practice immediately – although outwardly uncomplicated, you’ll find them deeply insightful. They have immediate impact and enable positive, lasting change within your organisation.

The Insights Discovery Model

The Insights® Discovery model is based on the extensive research of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and the subsequent work of Jolande Jacobi, one of his leading students. The model uses four colors to represent observable behavioral patterns which are measured by the Discovery evaluator; a 25-frame questionnaire of statements from 100 word pairs, which when completed, produces the Insights Discovery Profile. It is an excellent tool to use prior to coaching either individually or in a team coaching environment.

Reliability and Validity

The Insights Discovery system has been registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and their testing center (PTC). As a result of rigorous testing Discovery carries the PTC mark and is sanctioned as a tool suitable for the following uses:

  1. Work and occupational development
  2. Counselling, advice, guidance and career choice
    (NOTE: We do not promote the use of Discovery for recruitment selection)
  3. General health and well-being

Meet Our Insights Discovery Partners

Krissy Zimmermann
Krissy ZimmermannExecutive Coach, Team Building Specialist and Licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner
Programs Delivered in English
(Intermediate German – able to translate)

Krissy became interested in Insights Discovery after a conversation with a friend, who was an investment banker, while waiting for a train. He had recently done the Insights® Discovery evaluator and attended an Insights seminar at a work retreat, he was full of praise for the tool and was amazed at what he had learned about himself. He had done other psychometric profiles for workshops before but none had provided results as profound as these. Krissy was so intrigued by his enthusiasm that she decided to learn more.
In October 2013 Krissy did her practitioner training at Insights®, Switzerland (Certification) she has now been an Insights® Discovery Licensed Practitioner for 7 years and is a firm advocate, doing additional relicensing training yearly. Krissy says, “Insights Discovery is like all of the other psychometric tools like Disc, Hogan or MBTI on steroids! The profile those completing the evaluator receive is between 20 – 40 pages and full of accurate, in-depth information about personal style and communication choices, the work that can be done using this tool in terms of personal development, workshops and seminars can go from as little as interpersonal communication and team-building workshops to entire in-company talent development and programs, including Change Management and Conflict Resolution programs.”

Krissy Zimmermann uses Insights® Discovery with corporate clients as her assessment and interpersonal communication tool of choice, in her coaching with individuals, with teams and in leadership training. She provides tailored Insights Discovery seminars in English. Clients say reading their profile for the first time is like “looking in the mirror unclothed”
Marion Decker Blank
Marion Decker BlankInsights Discovery Licensed Practitioner and Coach
Programs Delivered in German
Monica Carmuliga
Monica CarmuligaLicensed Insights Discovery Practitioner
Programs Delivered in German

Monica Carmuglia’s introduction to Insights was a very personal one. She first learned about Insights Discovery when she was training to be a Coach. She was most attracted to the tool at the time as it seemed a very good way to begin to understand her father.
Monica became an Insights® Discovery Licensed Practitioner in 2002, (certification) With regards to her relationship with her father, She is pleased to report that “after completing the training we were able to put our difficulties behind us, and we learned to understand each other very well.”
Needless to say, Monica Carmuglia is a huge fan of Insights Discovery, she recommends Insights because it is a terrific, flexible, pragmatic tool to boost communication to a high level and also help team and leadership effectively achieve personal, team and company goals. Monica uses Insights Discovery at all levels of her coaching from individual coaching to corporate programs in seminars and workshops. Monica does her Insights Discovery Seminars in German.

Why Choose Insights Discovery?

In order to be an exceptional business with great leaders and dedicated employees, you need define your strengths – both in terms of individuals and as an organization. Insights can help you strengthen internal and external relationships, improve teamwork and collaboration and be more innovative. If your goal is a business which has:

  • Quality Balanced Leadership
  • An excellent company culture
  • A fully engaged and effective workforce
  • Consistently high productivity
  • A top-class sales team
  • Excellent employee retention and talent management
  • A business, which is adaptable and responds well to change

For More Information:

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