Krissy Zimmermann, Executive Coach and Trainer

New Zealander, Lives in Switzerland - Works Globally
New Zealander, Lives in Switzerland - Works Globally
Quotes From Krissy:

Coaching Observation:“Often the biggest challenges in a working environment stem, not from the job at hand but from misunderstandings due to different communication and working styles.”

New managers: Ask yourself twice a day “am I working on this project or am I leading it?” If you are doing the work decide what do you need to do differently to lead and how to implement these changes …and then do it.

People working with difficult colleagues: Know that whatever reaction you are having to a difficult colleague, they are probably having an equal and opposite reaction to you. If you are very different, think about the opposing strengths they bring to the work environment that you don’t bring Note: This is difficult as you will most likely not value these strengths but it is important to remember, others in the company will.

Krissy Zimmermann
Executive Coach and Trainer
Zug, Switzerland

Coaching Background

Krissy has 15 years professional, executive leadership coaching experience and, while based in Zug, Switzerland, has provided coaching, consulting and training all over Europe, to the following companies: Astaro, Basilea, Bayer, Biogen Idec, BP Biofuels, Cardinal Health, Cisco, Credit Suisse, eBay, Harper Collins, Harlequin, Hewlett Packard, Hilti, Insights Schweiz, Johnson & Johnson, Mettler Toledo, Nordstream, Novartis, OTIF, Philip Morris, Roche, Roto Frank, Siemens, SwisSolution and Thomson Reuters.

Krissy specializes in working with:

  • Introverted leaders, helping them to step outside their comfort zone and develop their careers in the way that aligns with their unspoken goals.
  • Workplace Communication Mastery for leaders and in team development.
  • Mediation and Conflict Resolution
  • Developing and providing training on LMS (Online Learning Management Systems/Virtual Training Platforms)

    Coach Specific Experience:

  • Fifteen years of Executive Coaching experience, specializing in Leadership Development, Communication Competence and Team-building.
  • Experience with many international organizations in a range of Industries, from BioFuels to Pharma.
  • Nine-years experience designing and facilitating Leadership Training and Team Building Workshops.
  • Experienced in Conflict Mediation including workplace mobbing (bullying)
  • Coaching employees to develop additional soft skills for their current or future role, especially introverted types and new leaders.
  • Founder and Executive coach – Tall Trees Executive Coaching (Since 20o5)
  • Director on Global Board of Directors International Coach Federation (2009 – 2011)
  • Conference steering committee ICF International Conferences (2010 -2012)
  • Member of the ICF Education Advisory Group. (2008)
  • Coaching and Training and Developing Learning Programs on Virtual Training Programs. (2007 – 2017)

Krissy Zimmermann is a Certified Professional Coach with additional training in adult education, she is currently working towards her ICF MCC (Master Certified Coach) Certification.

  • Further Course Development Training using Docebo and eFront Virtual Learning Managment Systems  (2016 – 2017)
  • Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioner (2013)
  • MBTI Teambuilding with OPP in Oxford (2012)
  • GET HR Course in Zug (2011)
  • Professional Certified Coach PCC, ICF (2011)
  • MBTI I and II, American Management Association (2010)
  • Moodle LMS (2007)
  • Associate Certified Coach, ICF (2007)
  • Professional Coach – International Coach Academy – (2006)
  • Professional Coach Training – International Coach Academy – (2002-2005)
Moshe Feldenkrais (Founder of the Feldenkrais Method, designed to improve human functioning by increasing self-awareness through movement) was famous for saying that he wanted to make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant. Krissy has made it her personal objective is to transfer this philosophy to global interpersonal communications in the workplace.
Krissy’s approach supports leaders and their teams to focus on strengths, solutions and results by supplying the tools necessary to develop self-awareness, learn new skill-sets and refine existing skills.

She works with her clients to enhance self esteem, leadership competency, motivation, interpersonal communication and efficiency. People who have worked with Krissy say she is warm, insightful, and an energizing master of encouragement, and results are astounding.

She is passionate about developing communication skills, both at the leadership level and in teams.

VENTURE – Krissy is currently a volunteer coach in Venture which is an initiative of the ETH Zurich, Knecht Holding, the innovation promotion agency CTI and McKinsey & Company, Switzerland. It supports young entrepreneurs in founding a company. Experienced coaches support competition participants in the development of their business idea.

ICF INTERNATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Krissy is dedicated to raising standards within the coaching profession and to building awareness of the value of coaching and as such served three years on the International Coach Federation Global Board of Directors from 2009 – 2011 and during that time was also the board liaison to the Conference Education Steering Committee for the ICF Global Conferences held in Fort Worth in 2010 and Las Vegas in 2011.

2014: Donor – Special Olympics Switzerland

2007 – Now: Lender at Kiva

2006 – Now: Lender at Heifer

2006 – Now: Supporter of Ashoka

Krissy is originally from New Zealand, although she has lived and worked in Europe for the last 25 years, 19 of those have been based in Zug, Switzerland.

She enjoys traveling, especially weekend breaks with her 25 year old son and trips with her partner and labrador, Billy, reading, skiing in winter, and in summer she is passionate about Stand-Up Paddling.

I am so happy that somebody recommended Krissy to me.
Working with her over the last years was extremely helpful for me as a person, as a leader and for my team. She helped us to understand ourselves, others and how we can better interact with others.
She is a true professional and has fantastic insights into people and what makes them tick
Petra Keil
Petra Keil, Head Government & Public Affairs Europe, Multinational Pharma Org.

With Krissy I am learning how to best perform my personal Haka, which gives me self-confidence and energy before big games, and will hopefully lead me to winning the world cup I have designed for myself!

David, Philip Morris international

Krissy is an exceptionally talented team & individual coach – so good that I used her twice (once to a team of 18 and the second time to a team of 22) & would continue to bring her in to work with any team that I manage. We developed a team development programme based on the Insights Discovery tool which enabled my team & I to really understand ourselves and each other. This provided a new & deep language for the team to talk to each other about. Instead of ignoring team tensions, they would say “you’re being too yellow – what’s the point?” or “my green needs more time to understand how this helps us to be better”. I had two ladies in the team who had simply stopped talking to each other. I was able to sit them down individually using the tools they had learned, have them reflect on their behaviour and what each other needed in order to move forward. They then took time to have a cup of tea together & worked it out themselves. Now they are the best of friends.

Krissy was like a translator – an interpreter of human behaviour and group needs. After so many years of hearing a 30 min version of Myers Briggs or suffering through other personality assessments, but briefly, I finally see how people & teams operate. This has enabled me to move from intuitively fumbling around what works, to having a language and a method to systematically apply in order to understand my own emotions and reactions & to be able to help & guide others around me.

I would not hesitate to recommend Krissy, who can bring you these great gifts of interpersonal insight.

Jennier Scott, eBay
Krissy provided excellent organization throughout her coaching sessions. That’s important to me. She challenged me to commit to my values and offered assignments to help me prepare for each call. The structure helped me make progress on issues that matter to me. During our sessions, Krissy accurately reflected what I was saying. She also gave just enough advice – very powerful advice – to inspire me to go deeper. She even did research and introduced new information about my specific issues. We covered serious subjects, but Krissy kept it fun. That made it easier to achieve my goals.
Pat, International Pharma Org.
While working with Krissy, she opened up so many different perspectives and helped me focus on the things which are really important for me. But defining what I was looking for and what I really wanted was just the first step within the process. Krissy then helped me develop a clear action plan to accomplish my goals, and she made me accountable. She gave me ideas and different resources at hand to make a first start and connections. When I started group coaching with Krissy, I also discovered that others are facing the same issues, and the exchange of ideas and experiences is extremely helpful. With Krissy’s guidance on the calls and her way of looking at things differently and to make the most out of every situation, she is greatly helping me to move forward with my career at a much faster speed – a speed I had never imagined to be possible.
Christin, Roto Frank
I was was offered to open new door for myself. And I was standing in front, thinking that it will bring me probably to new room. And it will be probably bigger, probably brighter, and maybe even with better view.

And I opened this door and tentatively stepped in. And what was behind, just made my head spin. It was not a room. It was long amazing red carpet and so many doors along it. And I learned, that it all for me. I can open any door as many times as I want. Enter any room I like. And Krissy handled me a map and was holding my hand and guiding me at the beginning of this amazing journey, helping me to chose the right doors, right opportunities. And now I feel like I have long exciting way to go, and I feel save because I know how to do it. And each new step is bringing more confidence and fulfillment.

Thank you Krissy for this fantastic map of a bright new world of opportunities.

Olena, eBay
“When I met Krissy a few months ago, I was in a desperate condition. Too many working hours, draining business travel – and no personal life at all. The first thing Krissy did was show me that there is always a different perspective…
Sandra, BP
Krissy is a brilliant coach who is worth her weight in gold. I want to thank her sincerely for getting me through a tough time. Without her kindness, skill and humor I would have been lost. She continues to inspire me, and I am very, very grateful our paths crossed.
Declan Stout

“Thank you for being there for me through all of the ups and downs, I don’t know what I would have done without you. What a journey it has been.”

M. Sullivan, Senior Executive, International Pharma Org.
Krissy saved my skin on many occasions, I was being mobbed at work, which many would not expect to happen to a strong charter such as myself, however it turned out that is why I was being mobbed, Krissy’s Communication Confidence training has been extraordinary, I have learned so much about myself and others. She not only saved me from being fired, but has seen me through not one but two promotions in the last 18 months” If you get a chance to coach with Krissy grab it with both hands”
P.L, Director
“Krissy has a wonderful way of getting to the root of what’s troubling you. She’s highly supportive, and her enthusiasm cannot help but rub off on you, to make you want to achieve more than you thought possible.”
Clare Evans
Krissy says it as she sees it. Her intuition and honesty has enabled us to find solutions for problems that we had thought were unsolvable. She does not shy away from anything, and cuts through even the most difficult situations with ease. We appreciate all she has been able to do for us – the change in our working relationship is nothing short of amazing.
A.B, International Pharma Org.
Because of the work I have done with Krissy I feel happy again. I can sleep at night and am finally looking forward to the challenges in my new position. Our team was in crisis, but now we are actually beginning to enjoy working together. I highly recommend Krissy’s coaching and team-building programs.
M.D, Publishing Company
“Coaching with Krissy was a great experience for me. I’ve had coaches before, but this is my most effective coaching experience. Krissy’s strong focus, fun, and meaningful conversation made the difference. Krissy helped me do things I thought I would never achieve.”
Kiran , International Trading Company
“Krissy your direct questions stopped me in my tracks. Now I pause (most of the time) before I blame and complain and look a little closer to home. It’s not always the most comfortable experience, but thank you!”
Robert, Johnson and Johnson
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