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Why Talent Management is more important now than ever before:

With an ever-increasing aging population and burgeoning skills shortages, one of the most business-critical issues for modern organizations is the engagement and retention of a  skilled and loyal workforce – in other words, businesses must manage their “talent” or they will lose them.

When an organization has a healthy talent pool it is provided with a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace. All organizations need to ensure that they have a cohesive strategy and processes in place to harness their employee potential – and maintain this vital asset.

Effective Talent Management reduces the risk to your business’s ‘people portfolio’, ensures that your organization has good people groomed and ready to step into future vacancies, minimizes the financial and human strain presented by failed hires and helps your people be ready to embrace change and upward career progression.

Suggested Systems for Effective Talent Management:

  • A defined set of core competencies for all roles, with a strong emphasis on current and future leaders.
  • Assessment tools and methodologies that ensure the right talent is available for open positions and that selection is based on the required competencies of each individual role.
  • A performance management framework that provides employees with timely and constructive feed-forward on performance and areas for development, and clear supportive development plans.
  • Coaching and leadership development plans for high potentials
  • A succession plan that assesses both leadership potential and ability or adaptability and ensures that the right talent is waiting in the wings to meet future needs: with leadership coaching, training, and development opportunities for all employees.
  • Organizational development strategies that align the systems, structures, competencies, and business culture within the structure, Mission, Vision and Values of the organization.


Talent Management is not a one-off event.

It needs to be a well-oiled system that is linked to the success and ultimate growth of your organization.

Providing promising talent with a leadership coach or a career coach, not only shows employees that they are valued, but it enables them to develop their abilities in ways that might not otherwise have been possible.

A healthy relationship between HR and the professional executive or career coach is key in this talent development and retention process that cannot be overlooked.

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